Start and restart IPsec tunnels

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Start and restart IPsec tunnels

Post by kgtyroll » 18 Feb 2022, 13:19


It would be a welcome feature in the Firewall WEB UI to have the option to start/restart an IPsec tunnel. Even though the problem is rarely on the Clavister end, it could be a good assist in the UI while troubleshooting tunnels with external parties.
Normally restart can be done with killing the IKE SA, but it can be improved a lot.

Most other vendors have the option to also initiate the tunnel - and a lot of them the option to decide on what P1 and P2 SAs to restart. So you would actually be able to restart a single P2 SA without tearing everything down (depending on the configuration).

The IPsec status page can also be improved (in the UI) with information about current P2 tunnel lifetime etc.

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