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secure copy

Post by wahiba » 16 May 2019, 17:23

hello everybody
i'm new to use clavister and i read in the guide that you can use file transfert by using secure copy? can you explain more? and i would like to know also how to extract the configuration in text file .

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Re: secure copy

Post by Peter » 22 May 2019, 15:32


From the admin guide (version 12.00.17):
Secure Copy (SCP) is a widely used communication protocol for file transfer. No specific SCP
client is provided with cOS Core distributions but there exists a wide selection of SCP clients
available for nearly all workstation platforms.

SCP is a complement to CLI usage and provides a secure means of file transfer between the
administrator's workstation and the firewall. Various files used by cOS Core can be both
uploaded and downloaded with SCP.

This feature is described further in Section 2.1.8, “Using SCP”.
The configuration is basically in plain-text, but you cannot make plain-text modification of it as it has a CRC check. So if you modify a configuration backup and attempt to restore the modified backup to a Firewall, the upload will fail as the CRC check will fail.

You can still use the backup file to view the configuration in plain-text, but you cannot make changes to it.

You can also use the scripting functionality to make a script of part of or the entire configuration. For more information about the script functionality please see section 2.1.7. "CLI Scripts" in the admin guide (i used version 12.00.17 of the admin guide in this reference).

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