forgotten password

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forgotten password

Post by wahiba » 14 May 2019, 13:49

please is there any way to recover password from a clavister e80 without needing to reset to factory mode?

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Re: forgotten password

Post by Peter » 16 May 2019, 08:49


That depends on which password you refer to. There is primary two:
  • A serial console password that restricts your access to the bootmenu.
  • The Firewall WebUI/CLI password.
The first can only be removed by:
1. Knowing the password (duh)
2. Resetting the unit to factory default.
2.1. Assuming of course the unit is an appliance with a reset button (not all appliances has one).
3. Opening the unit, remove the bootmedia, insert it in a cardreader or similar and then manually remove the password file.
3.1. Warning: If an appliance, this means you void the warranty. The warranty can be left intact if you send in the unit to Clavister but there will be a cost involved as this goes beyond normal services.

The second problem can be fairly easily solved if you have physical access to the unit using the serial console. If you are using a local user database for the admin user, it would be something like this:

VSG-24:/> cc LocalUserDatabase AdminUsers
VSG-24:/AdminUsers> set User admin Password=test

Best regards

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Re: forgotten password

Post by wahiba » 16 May 2019, 13:39

thank you
i forced my clavister to factory reset.

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