How do I disable IP Reputation?

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How do I disable IP Reputation?

Post by ansj » 16 Apr 2019, 12:41

This FAQ applies to:
  • cOS Core 12.00.00 and up

How can I disable IP Reputation lookups and logging in the Firewall?

To stop the Firewall from logging and performing IP Reputation queries you must first make sure that none of the IP Reputation features are enabled, such as DDoS protection, scanner protection, regional blacklist etc. then you must turn off the "Log IP reputation" option under "System -> Advanced Settings -> State Settings -> Log IP Reputation".

When all these features are disabled, IP Reputation will completely be disabled on the Firewall as it is no longer needed for any of the remaining features.

If you want to re-enable IP Reputation all you have to do is enable any of the features that use of IP Reputation.

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