Centralized Management license

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Centralized Management license

Post by Tomas » 11 Aug 2009, 10:51

In order to use Incontrol to manage a CorePlus installation, you have a few options when it comes to the license:

License options

1. The license of CorePlus contains the line "Centralized Management Allowed: <expiration date>"
  • - This is the most common way of licensing Incontrol and it allows this specific installation of CorePlus to be controlled by using Incontrol. The WebUI and the CLI will still function.
2. The Incontrol license has support for a specified number of nodes and an expiration date
  • - This is only used for very big installations
3. Demo mode
  • - By connecting a CorePlus device without a license, CorePlus will run for two hours (demo mode) and Incontrol will also work fully during this time.
    - You can uninstall the license from CorePlus during your testing and then re-install it when you are finished.
How to obtain a Centralized management license

1. If you had a valid subscription on 2009-06-17, Clavister AB have already updated your license to support centralized management for three years (expiring 2012-06-17).
  • - Please log in to http://clientweb.clavister.com and download the updated version of your license. Install it on CorePlus and you are ready to use Incontrol.
2. If you order a new copy of CorePlus
  • - Make sure that your order includes Centralized Management
3. If you have a CorePlus installation which was not active (see 1 4. Under certain conditions, Clavister AB can issue a trial period (e.g. one month) for the centralized management function.
  • - Please contact your nearest sales office (or sales@clavister.com) for information about this possibility.