Problems with HTTPPoster and non-alphanumeric characters

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Problems with HTTPPoster and non-alphanumeric characters

Post by jono » 18 Apr 2008, 14:40

This FAQ applies to:
  • Clavister Security Gateway all versions (HTTPPoster)
I have Security Gateways using nearly identical lines in HTTPPoster, where only the username and password is different. Now one of them refuses to login. The only difference is that the one that does not work has non-alphanumeric characters like %, in the password or username.

Encode the character with URL encoding. This is done by replacing non-alphanumeric characters with a "%" symbol followed by the two-digit hexadecimal representation of character.

Some characters that need to be URL encoded:
  • Character What to write 
    Space %20 
    " (quote) %22 
    # (pound/hash) %23 
    $ (dollar) %24 
    % (percent) %25 
    & (ampersand) %26 
    + (plus) %2B 
    : (colon) %3A 
    @ ("at") %40 
Username alice, password very@secret%pw at host becomes