Unknown settings in "Advanced Settings"->"Unknown" and config warnings after upgrade

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Unknown settings in "Advanced Settings"->"Unknown" and config warnings after upgrade

Post by jono » 30 Apr 2008, 14:46

This FAQ applies to:
  • Clavister Security Gateway 8.00 and up to 8.90
There are old unused settings in Advanced Settings->Unknown after upgrading from a previous version of Clavister Security Gateway. These old settings cause warnings when the configuration is parsed.

Make sure that you've made at least one change to the configuration after upgrading. Then open the configuration in text-mode by either using Ctrl-E or choose Edit->Edit Configuration in Text-Mode. Scroll down in the configuration until you find ### Unrecognized settings at the end of the SETTINGS section.

Note: From Clavister FineTune 8.50 it's possible to delete the unknown settings directly in the grid, so there is no longer any need to do these changes in text-mode. You can go to Advanced Settings->Unknown and remove the settings from there directly.

It will look something like this (from a v8.0 Security Gateway upgraded from v7):
[list]### Miscellaneous Settings
BufFloodRebootTime  3600
ScrSaveTime  300
HighBuffers  1024
Port0  DropLog
LocalUndelivered  DropLog
MaxPipeUsers  512

### Unrecognized settings
LogDisallowedReturnData  YES
DHCPdontSetGWbeforeLease  YES
BOOTPRelay  Off[/list]

Remove everything between ### Unrecognized settings and END, save and check in.
Then do Edit->Version Control->Get Latest Version or Ctrl-G to get the GUI editor to parse the changes you've made.