Remote Management Keys lost

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Remote Management Keys lost

Post by jono » 22 Apr 2008, 11:38

This FAQ applies to:
  • Clavister Firewall Manager 8.00 and up
    Clavister FineTune™ 8.70 and up

You have lost the Remote Management keys, perhaps by a hard disk crash on the computer used for managing the Clavister Security Gateway, and there is no backup of the Data Source containing the configurations.

This solution will restart the Security Gateway, so choose a suitable time of day to perform this action so your users won't suffer unneccessary downtime.

Attach a serial cable to the serial port of your Clavister Appliance.
Start a Terminal program (HyperTerminal in Windows, Tera Term or similar).
Communication parameters are, if you have not changed them, 9600, 8N1, No error correction by default.

When you get to the Cmd> prompt, type:

The output will look something like this:
  • Cmd> remotes
    Hosts/nets with remote control of Security Gateway:
    lan           Configure/Update Access

Make sure the computer running the Clavister FineTune(TM) is attached to one of the interfaces (lan in this case) with an IP in the configured network, as this is the only interface/network that the Security Gateway will allow netcon communicatation on.

Now type:

The output will look something like this:
  • Cmd> ifstat
    Configured interfaces:
    Interface name IP Address      Interface type
    -------------- --------------- --------------------
    core        Null (sink)
    lan     Builtin IXP4NPE - Port 1  IR...
    wan       Builtin IXP4NPE - Port 2  IR...

Note the IP Address of the interface used for management ( in this case), as it need to be entered in the Manager later.

Now it's time to revert the hardware to default keys. Type:
shutdown 1
...and press any key when asked to do it.

Enter the System menu and select Revert to Default Remote Management Keys.

Go back to the main menu and select Execute Clavister Security Gateway Core.

When the Security Gateway is up and running again, start the Clavister FineTune(TM) on the computer attached to the management enabled interface.

In the Manager open your Data Source in the Security Editor, right click on Security Gateways (or Firewalls, depending on version of the Manager), select New... -> Security Gateway. Choose Appliance and follow the guide (use the IP you noted with the ifstat command earlier).