"Transfer Boot Media" fails due to anti-virus in BIOS

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"Transfer Boot Media" fails due to anti-virus in BIOS

Post by jono » 18 Apr 2008, 11:15

This FAQ applies to:
  • Clavister Security Gateway.
On some computers, there is a BIOS setting to do Anti-Virus Protection against boot sector viruses that, if enabled, will prevent the transfer of boot media from floppy to disk or disk to disk. This protection simply works by preventing all writes to the boot sector, something which the transfer process must do.

The Security Gateway hangs when choosing Transfer Boot Media in the boot menu.

Disable the anti-virus protection in the BIOS settings.

You do not need to to reenable the anti-virus protection after the installation procedure. Virus protection is only a concern on workstations and servers whose file systems are in contact with the outside world. This is never the case for Clavister Security Gateway.