Multiple ISP Internet Service Provider

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Multiple ISP Internet Service Provider

Post by loba » 19 May 2017, 16:35


Can anybody guide me step by step how to set up multiple ISP internet service provider
I have clavister W30 on my main site and
clavister E80 on my 2 others secondary site

Network Architecture
- Main office : clavister W30
- Secondary office: clavister E80
- Third office : clavister E80

All sites are interconnected to the main site
they share the same internet connexion

- all 3 sites are interconnected , they share the same internet connexion



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Re: Multiple ISP Internet Service Provider

Post by Har-Ben » 07 Jul 2017, 09:25

anajames wrote:I might not be able to provide a solution but need to ask why would you be needing a multiple isp internet provider. Since all your sites use the same connectionn

Multiple ISP settings? Why?

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Re: Multiple ISP Internet Service Provider

Post by Peter » 18 Aug 2017, 08:00


I'm not entirely sure of the scenario you are after, but in the admin guide there is a section about multiple ISP's, have a look at section 4.2.3 (Route failover) in e.g. the version 12.00.00 admin guide.

There is also a section about Policy Based routing (section 4.3) that discusses a more advanced feature where you can control traffic flows in pretty much any direction you want, this is one of the most advanced features in cOS Core however and can be quite difficult to configure.

Or if you want some sort of multi ISP VPN connection then there is a how-to article about that as well:


Make sure you read the updated sections at the bottom as well as this scenario can quickly become complicated.

Update 2019-01-24: The above forum article has been updated, the new one can be found here : viewtopic.php?f=8&t=14485

Best regards

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Re: Multiple ISP Internet Service Provider

Post by ambren » 22 Jan 2019, 08:31

Multiple ISP Internet Service Provider
I am currently using an internet provider that just today announced they are capping monthly data and if I go over, they will charge me additional fees for each gig I go over. Problem is, I easily go over this limit every month and I cannot upgrade. Im at their highest cap.

I also have hot spot service with my cell phone provider that I pay for every month but don't use it. Its 4G and pretty fast. I plan to buy the hot spot device that allows up to 15 devices at once. My question is, can I set them both up where I can fail safe over to one? so use my primary provider then be able to route all traffic to my other provider with either a click of a button or setup some rule where if it reaches a certain setting it automatically switches over? Or maybe use them concurrently at all times?

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Re: Multiple ISP Internet Service Provider

Post by fras » 13 Mar 2019, 09:06

Hello Ambren,

The solution you have in mind does work with the Clavister Netwall, but might require some manual labor on your end.
As long as you can connect the Clavister Netwall to a router, as you cannot connect it directly to your phone, it should be able to utilize all the bandwidth over the 4G as well.

You can use them concurrently at all times if you setup a "Route load balancing" instance over the dual ISPs. But there is no "Clock-Of-A-Button" Switchover solution. However, if you have them setup as two different routes for the internet, it is just a matter of changing the metric when you are hitting the CAP.

To know when you are close to hitting the CAP on ISP1, you can setup Email alerting to receive an email when its time to change ISP.

Best Regards,
Fredrik Å
Administrator | Clavister Support

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