Incontrol: we miss Finetune

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Incontrol: we miss Finetune

Post by andreapichler » 23 Mar 2010, 00:05

I did the mistake to upgrade one of our customers from v. 8.9 (Finetune) to v. 9.x; I had no choice: Virtual Gateway (VMWare) is only available with v.9.
We started with the first version of Incontrol that was unusable for performance, ui design, bugs.
The upgrade was a nightmare: for some strange reasons the configuration on some firewall was not imported correctly (from the about 120 policy rules I had to recreate the last 40 of them by hand).
The upgrade procedure from 8.x to 9.x contacting the firewall from other interfaces than lan does not completes because Incontrol adds only LAN as source for the SSH management, so I had to edit all firewalls by hand after stopping the incontrol import.
Opening a ticket and calling by phone was also wasted time, nobody of the call center had experience with InControl.
I upgraded then to the next releases but the main bugs remains. (Logger query not working, dashboards with more than a few objects to monitor does not works, strange warnings for date conversion, poor performance, etc.)
I installed today the last version 1.10.01 expecting a step ahead for usability but I found nothing new.
Basic functions like searching an object by name (or by ip) in the rule editing dialog, entering the first chars, adding a new object while creating a rule, adding multiple source or destination without having to create a group in the address book, etc. are standard features in even most of the “low cost” products on the market.
Perform 10 configuration task with finetune is 35% faster than doing the same with Incontrol . Using the WebUI is even slower. Try yourself.
Why should I upgrade to v.9 and why customers should pay maintenance for the product if they must continue to use the v. 8.9 (PS: the 8.9.10 has only changed the required software maintenance date from 2008 to 2010: a cheap trick to sell subscriptions.) ?
Can someone at Clavister try to use one of the product of the competitors and perform the same tasks with Incontrol or the web Gui of 9.x?
Will something change in the near future ?

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Re: Incontrol: we miss Finetune

Post by mattias » 24 Mar 2010, 11:35

I did not notice the change in subscription on 8.90.10, but that was a very strange thing for Clavister to do, and I hope it's just a typo in the ClientWeb and not enforced in CorePlus. As I guess it would break the agreement they have with their customers buying software subscriptions... (as far as I remember updates have always been free for the major version ones software subscription cowered)

And when it comes to InControl and FineTune, I agree, it's still a bit from mature, i've recently upgraded to InControl 1.10 and it is better, but still not 100% ready for production. Thats why we keep all but one gateway at 8.90.


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