ILA service stop when start log analyser query

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ILA service stop when start log analyser query

Post by enzo » 27 Feb 2020, 08:20

Hi Clavister,

I have a strange behaviour with the ILA server. Our architecture is 1 server for 1 component: The ILA server is a VM with 4 cpu 1 core for cpu, 8 gb of ram, 500 gb disk, S.O. Windows server 2012 r2.
The 3 components are all on the same network
The ila is correct installed and run correct; establish a connection to the firewall and the LogReciver collect continues log from fw (an W50 in HA).
From the InControl console I can connect at the logging agents for configuration, I can use log explorer for capture the log.
But when i change the configuration of the ILA for activate the analyzer (last test I activated only the Connections Statistics) the ILA server go offline.
I connect to the ILA server for check the processes and the situation of services, I find the ILA.exe services stopped and the LogReciver start correctly.
In the ILA Manager the Status ILA is stop and Status Log receiver is start.
I try to start the ILA from ILA Manager, the service start and I found it in the processes list but the 5555 port isn't open, no connections are possible to the ILA server and correctly the InControl have the Logging Agent status to Offline.
I know that the analyzer log is a background process, but the occupation resources in the ILA serve is to low (26% CPU and 2.1 MB of ram).
I change the ILA process priority to high but no way.
The only solution is to restart the server.

The question is, have you some suggest about the server configuration, to resolve the situation or is a know problem in the ILA?

Another note the actual ILA version is the last, and in the past version I'have not found this problem.

Thank you for your answer and support, if you need I can open a ticket on my.clavister with the same text.
Vincenzo Silvestri
Università degli Studi di Bari

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Re: ILA service stop when start log analyser query

Post by Peter » 26 Aug 2020, 10:48


This sounds like a potential bug or problem if the ILA service stops responding/functioning as it should. I would recommend that you first try upgrade to the latest ILA/InControl version and if the problem still persists create a support ticket in and we will start to troubleshoot the problem.

Best regards

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