No country flags when doing log queries.

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No country flags when doing log queries.

Post by Peter » 13 Dec 2013, 08:55

This FAQ applies to:
  • Clavister InControl version 1.30 and up

Why do i not see the country flags when doing log queries? I see them on another installation.


ICS (InControl Server) connects to* and attempts to download a file called "countryCode.xml". This file contains a rough IP range country definition that says that IP range X belongs to country Y and so forth. This is just a rough estimate.

If the system fails to download this file 5 times, it will not bother to do so again until you perform another log query.

Try search for the file called "countryCode.xml" on the machine you have InControl server installed on, if you do not have this file try restart the server service and see if it manages to download the file.

If it still fails, it could be that either something is blocking the file download or that it may be unable to create the file on the server. Possibly due to a problem with access/write permissions(s).

Also in order to download the country file, ICS needs to have internet access and be able to perform DNS queries.

* Note: The DNS name varies between versions.

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