Is it possible to clean-up the database of old entries?

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Is it possible to clean-up the database of old entries?

Post by Peter » 11 Nov 2011, 09:51

This FAQ applies to:
  • Clavister InControl version 1.20 and up

Why InControl database is starting to be very large. Is there a way to perform some sort of clean-up operation on it?


The InControl database contains configuration history, firmware update files, domains etc. As you use InControl the database will increase slightly each time you e.g. perform a check-in of a configuration. And if you have made thousands of configuration deployments it might be cumbersome to look through the configuration history. Usually it is also very unusual that you actually need to have such a long version history, the last 30 configurations should be more than enough in most cases.

In order to avoid that the database grows to much to quickly it is recommended that DataBaseCleanup is activated on the server as early as possible. By default this setting is not enabled. Here you have two options:

MaximumDaysToKeepConfiguration (default 60)
MinimumConfigurationsToKeep (default 30)

MaximumDaysToKeepConfiguration will remove any configuration older than the defined time.

MinimumConfigurationsToKeep will make sure that the above setting does not remove too much, a minimum of 30 configurations will exist in the configuration history at all times unless configured otherwise.

Important note: If you enable the database cleanup function on an already existing database, it will not go down in size. The reason for this is because the database type is SQLite. It is therefore recommended to enable Database cleanup early.

The filesize for the database is possible to manually lower, this is described in the following How-To article.

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