Is multiple IC Servers with different databases possible?

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Is multiple IC Servers with different databases possible?

Post by Peter » 17 Feb 2010, 11:00

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Is it possible to have multiple InControl Servers with different databases? If so, how will the configuration deployments then work?

It is possible but it is not recommended. IC is designed as a Client/Server solution where you can connect to the central server using multiple clients. If redundancy is a concern it would be better to make sure that the central server database is regularly backed up and that the server is adequately protected from environmental hazards, power spikes etc.

It will work having 2 IC servers but you will most likely get a lot of warnings in the event logs about “changes made by another instance of IC”. Basically it is not how IC was designed to be used. Even when using old FineTune it was not recommended to have multiple datasources.

There is no real advantage of using such a setup, it is better to install the client and have it connect to the central node. Then you also avoid problems where 2 users are making changes to the same SGW at the same time and risk overwriting each others changes.