Changes to default PSK for ILA in 1.83.00

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Changes to default PSK for ILA in 1.83.00

Post by ansj » 04 Jun 2018, 10:38

This FAQ applies to:
  • Clavister InControl version 1.83.00 and up
When trying to add a Logging Agent in InControl version 1.83.00 I get the Alarm "Unable to connect to the InControl Logging Agent", what is wrong?

With InControl 1.83.00, Logging Agents are no longer using the same default PSK on every installation as it has been doing earlier. It is now instead generating a unique PSK for every Logging Agent created, meaning you can no longer just go into Logging Agents and click "Add -> OK" to add a Logging Agent because the PSK will not be correct.

To find the correct PSK you open the InControl Logging Agents Manager (ILA.Manager.exe) and you will find the PSK in there for you to copy and use to add the Logging Agent to InControl, as well as possibilities to add more logging agents or change ports, etc.
Default path for the ILA Manager is “C:\Program Files (x86)\Clavister\InControl\LoggingAgent\ILA.Manager.exe”

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