Clavister Releases Upgraded Operating System

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Clavister Releases Upgraded Operating System

Post by Billy » 16 Oct 2014, 18:18

STOCKHOLM, Sweden - October 16, 2014. Clavister, a leader in next-generation high performance network security, today announced the release of Clavister cOS Core 10.21.

This latest operating system will enable customers to create even more advanced granular security controls, most noticeably high-performance, non-intrusive SSL Inspection for Application Control. With over 2,300 recognizable applications and over 2,400 application meta data tags, Clavister True Application Control is by far the most effective and trustworthy application control solution on the market today.

Additional new features include Service VLAN (Q-in-Q), 6in4 tunneling support and L2TPv3 client support.

The new L2TPv3 functionality will make it easier to devise cost-effective alternative to MPLS services, simplifying application and server mobility and extending the virtualized enterprise over WAN. This enables fast-moving enterprises to create location-agnostic networks to accommodate changing workforces and locations without having to pay premium prices for L2 MPLS or black-fiber solutions.

The release includes several enhancements most notably for the DHCP client, PPPoE client, RADIUS as well as additional algorithm enhancements for IKE and ESP.

More detailed information about this release can be found here in the Clavister cOS Core 10.21 Release Highlights document. A complete list of new features and fixes is available from the Downloads section of the website.

It is recommended that customers read the Installation Instructions section in the Clavister cOS Core Release Notes before proceeding with the upgrade.

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