New Web based Support System

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New Web based Support System

Post by Tomas » 01 Sep 2010, 08:02

As of today, Clavister Support is handled in a new web based support system.

We have recently changed our support system and all new support cases are now handled via Clavister’s web site. Already open cases will continue to be handled in the old system until they are closed or merged into the new system. New cases will not be handled via e-mail.

In order to issue and track support cases, you must be a registered Clavister user. Most likely, you have already registered as one through the Clavister License Center. If you haven’t, you must register with us and include your organization’s Company Key. Registration gives you access to your Clavister customer account and all related web based services.

The new support system provides a better overview of support cases, including RMAs, and provides real-time status updates. Case update alerts will be sent directly to your account's e-mail address. If you have multiple recipients, please register a mailing list that you control and add all recipients to the mailing list.

Phone support is available on +46 (0)660 29 77 55.

Direct link to the Clavister’s support system:

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