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Clavister CorePlus Beta program

Post by Nick » 02 Jul 2008, 14:45

Dear Clavister Customer,

Clavister is excited to let you know that we will be running a Beta Test program with a new version of CorePlus starting in a few weeks. We are looking for participants and would like to know if you are interested.

We think that you'll find it interesting and enjoyable to participate in the program. It shouldn't take too much time on your part, and you'll receive several benefits in return:
  • The chance to have input and a voice in helping us create a great new version of CorePlus.
  • The chance to win a Clavister Security Gateway, see information table below for prices and criteria’s.
Clavister will evaluate the efforts and the feedback provided to Clavister by the Beta Tester during the beta program. The Beta testers will be evaluated based on the following performance areas:
- Responsiveness & attitude
- The accuracy and completeness of feedback provided
- The value of the feedback provided
- The range of features evaluated
- The environment which the beta was tested
The price is primarily intended to be a personal price to the tester but can also be provided to the company which the tester is employed by. All potential award taxes and similar is to be payed by the person or organization which receives the award.

  • 1:st Price
    Clavister Security Gateway 57 including 12 months Software Subscription,
    12 months Hardware Replacement,
    12 months Antivirus
    12 months Content Filtering
    12 months IDP
    Total Price Value: 3.125 €
  • 2:nd Price
    Clavister Security Gateway 15 including
    12 months Software Subscription
    Total Price Value: 799 €
  • 3:rd to 5:th Price
    Clavister Security Gateway 33 Software including 12 months software subscription and the VMware virtualization capability.
    Total Price Value: 782 €
If you are interested please contact us at and we will notify you if you are selected.

Thanks for your consideration - we hope to have you help us ship a great product!

The Clavister Beta Program Team
Clavister, Sweden

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