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Improve "Connections" GUI page

Posted: 25 Nov 2019, 14:36
Hi Clavister team,

with cOS Core v13 the "Connections" page looks a lot nicer but... I still miss two important features:
1. Allow sorting by column
2. Filter by "Total Transferred", e. g. larger than 1 GiB.

In case your devs find some spare time... ;)


Re: Improve "Connections" GUI page

Posted: 16 Dec 2019, 21:11
by fras
Hi Michael,

I think these are great improvements to the GUI. I have created 2 new RFEs for cOS Core:
COP-22424 | Connection Status in Web-UI | Sort by columns
COP-22425 | Connection Status in Web-UI | Filter on Data Amount

Thanks for the suggestions!

Best Regards,
Fredrik Å

Re: Improve "Connections" GUI page

Posted: 19 Dec 2019, 09:52
Thank you, Fredrik!

One more I noticed since using the connections tab more often:
When using a full text filter it gets deleted when hitting the refresh button. It would be great if the filter would stay.

Otherwise right now (example): use the main filter to filter for UDP, then full-text for 5060 (to capture both 5060 on source and dst) then hit refresh. UDP filter stays, full-text needs to be re-entered again and again with each click on refresh button.