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Move address objects into address folders

Posted: 25 Mar 2019, 21:45
by stebill
At the moment it is not possible to move an existing address into an addressfolder. So if you forget to create the address object in the rigth addressfolder, you have to delete and recreate it. With address objects allready in use this is nearly impossible. It would be nice if it were possible to drag and drop addresses into and outside addressfolders.

Re: Move address objects into address folders

Posted: 28 Mar 2019, 13:22
by fras
Hello Stebill,

That would be a great function.
Its already working like that in InControl, there you can move objects freely between folders.

We also have an Request For Enhacnements: COP-21771 | Add possibility to select object location folder when creating objects from e.g. IP Policy's
This is not implemented as to this date, but would be a nice feature to have!

Best Regards,
Fredrik Å