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PPP on interface group

Posted: 22 Oct 2018, 17:01
by lfurlanetto
In large network services PPP is used to authenticate users into network, sometime in Endpoint, sometime in central point.
Telecom operators carry now multiple lines to customers, carring data and voice/video.
I see possibility to surclass competitors using a port group of multiple Ethernet transport to carry PPP requests from Clavister to Carrier.
This can be used to maintain connection also when one phisical line hang/fail.

Re: PPP on interface group

Posted: 24 Oct 2018, 11:20
by MattiasS

Thank you for your suggestion but we are not entirely certain of what exactly you want. When you say PPP is it PPPoE you mean or some other Point-to-Point Protocol?

Could you also elaborate some about what you mean and how you see this port group should work?

Best Regards
Mattias S.