HA configuration

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HA configuration

Post by cfw-users » 12 Aug 2008, 09:04

Date: Mon Aug 11 19:26:16 CEST 2008
From: Davide Pasquale
Subject: [cfw-users] HA configuration


I've have some troubles configuring an HA system with a couple of

I've configured cluster private ip for each interface (IP4 HA Group),
then following HA wizard on the master unit assigned shared ip to each
clustered interface. AUX interface is used for syncronization. Wizard
is completed with success on the master.

On the slave unit the HA wizard stop on step 2 of 4 saying that is
not possible download the configuration from the master.

Two questions:
1) Initial configuration of the slave unit (routes, ip rules, ecc...)
must be identical before launching the HA Wizard setup on the slave ?
2) AUX interface must be part of the cluster and assigned a shared ip ?

Please give me some advice.