Missing WebUI setup wizard on new unit(s)

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Missing WebUI setup wizard on new unit(s)

Post by Peter » 14 Jun 2013, 12:59

This FAQ applies to:
  • Clavister cOS Core version 10 and up.all versions

Where can i find the setup wizard as mentioned in the documentation on my new unit?


Due to a small mistake at factory, some units are delivered with configuration version 2 instead of 1, this causes the wizard to be hidden as the Core believes the user has either already used the wizard or he does not need it (e.g. made manual changes).

In order to reset the unit to configuration version 1, restart the unit and enter the boot menu. Then reset the unit to "base configuration". Then when you connect to the WebUI of the unit you will see the "Setup Wizard" button in the upper right corner.

An alternative reset metod is to use the CLI command "Reset -configuration" or in the WebUI use the Maintenance option "Restore the configuration to current core defaults".

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