Migrating to 9.x without having a reachable Security Gateway

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Migrating to 9.x without having a reachable Security Gateway

Post by Peter » 22 Sep 2011, 12:25

This FAQ applies to:
  • Clavister CorePlus™ 8.90.x -> 9.x.

I want to migrate my SG50 configuration from version 8.90 to an SG60 running version 9.20. The problem is that my SG50 is no longer reachable, but i still have the FineTune database containing it's configuration. How do i do that?


With the release of CorePlus™ version 9.30.00 and 9.20.04 a new version of the Clavister CorePlus™ Migration Toolkit will be available which supports the possibility to migrate a non-reachable SGW. This means that you can get a version 9.x configuration .BAK file simply by having access to the FineTune database. Once you have the .BAK file you can use the hardware migration tool (located under Support/Downloads/Tools-and-utilities on the Clavister webpage) to convert the configuration from e.g. an SG50 to an SG60.

And lastly upload the migrated and converted configuration on the SG60.

Note: The new migration wizard still requires that the FineTune database path can be found in the Windows registry.