Upgrading to 9.xx without having FineTune installed.

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Upgrading to 9.xx without having FineTune installed.

Post by Peter » 05 Oct 2009, 16:06

This FAQ applies to:
  • Clavister CorePlus™ 8.60 - 8.90
My Appliance comes delivered with an old 8.xx version, is there an easy way for me to upgrade to 9.xx?

it is possible to upgrade a 8.nn Clavister Security Gateway unit by running the upgrade wizard on a PC that does not also have FineTune installed.
This is possible only if:

• The unit is brand new and has not yet been configured.
• The unit is not brand new but is using the default netcon encryption keys.

In either case, the steps to upgrade are as follows:
1. Configure the 8.nn system normally so that that traffic from the PC running the upgrade wizard
is accepted (in other words the upgrade wizard will communicate with CorePlus as though it
were FineTune, using NetCon).
2. Below the initial upgrade wizard option to choose an upgrade or restore, tick the checkbox to
indicate that Upgrade/Restore without using any FineTune data source.
3. An extra wizard dialog will then appear asking for the following information:
  • Name
    This is the name of the Clavister Security Gateway as it will appear to the administrator by
    all management interfaces.
    IP Address
    This is the IP address of the Clavister Security Gateway that will be used for access by
    management interfaces.
    This allows the unit to be designated as a master or slave in a high availability cluster.
    Backup Path
    This is the location of the backup created during the upgrade. This path must be specified
    since the wizard may be running directly from non-writable media such as a CD-ROM. If
    the directory specified is <path> then the backup files will be written in:
    <path>/backup/<gw-name> where <gw-name> is the name specified above for the Chapter 5. Upgrading from 8.nn Versions
4. The wizard will now continue on...

For more information about the wizard please see the Setup Guide. ( http://www.clavister.com/support/documents.html )