Problem with verifying SSL-VPN TAP driver signature

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Problem with verifying SSL-VPN TAP driver signature

Post by ansj » 03 Apr 2018, 12:53

This FAQ applies to:

Clavister SSL-VPN Client for Windows


My SSL-VPN Client does not work and Windows then complains about not being able to verify the signature for the SSL-VPN TAP driver.
How can I get the SSL-VPN client to work?


After the Windows 10 anniversary update, aka version 1607, Driver signatures were enforced. This caused the previous driver that was used for the SSL-VPN to fail. For that we released a new SSL-VPN Client, version, which contains a signed driver that works with the newer Windows versions.

If you have installed an older version of the SSL-VPN you must make sure to manually remove the old driver before uninstalling the SSL-VPN client in order for the new SSL-VPN client version to have the correct driver installed.

You can remove the driver manually with the following steps:
avinstallera SSL VPN drivrutiner.png
avinstallera SSL VPN drivrutiner.png (63.5 KiB) Viewed 7498 times
After you have uninstalled the TAP Driver, proceed by uninstalling the currently installed SSL-VPN client and then install the SSL-VPN Client version and it should work as intended.


The SSL-VPN client needs a signed driver in order to work on newer Windows machines. Clavister SSL-VPN Clients and up contain a signed driver that works on new Windows machines.

If you have installed an old version of the SSL-VPN client previously you must manually remove the driver, then uninstall the client and install the latest SSL-VPN Client instead.

1. Remove the old driver
2. Uninstall the SSL client
3. Install SSL client version

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