IPPOOL: Message "No offers were received"

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IPPOOL: Message "No offers were received"

Post by cjimenez » 04 Nov 2011, 15:31


Following the steps to configure a SSL VPN Sever, I created a DHCP server which seems to be working properly. However, since then I've been receiving the message "No offers were received", category=IPPOOL, Rule_name=sslvpn_pool, Event= no_offer_received.

Could anybody give me more information about this message and its meaning?

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Re: IPPOOL: Message "No offers were received"

Post by Peter » 09 Nov 2011, 10:59


I'm confused, what has the DHCP server got to do with the SSL server setup?

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Re: IPPOOL: Message "No offers were received"

Post by mkoenig » 09 Nov 2011, 11:23


Perhaps have you done the same error than me.

I use the same account and fixed IP for PPTP and SSL users.

If you try that, you have none of them that are working and the IP is like black listed.

Looking at the IP received by the station, you will seen somthing begening with 169.X.Y.Z

To solve this, I create PPTP ans SSL users with different IP POOL and different associated FIXED IP adresses


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