DHCP Server Configuration

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DHCP Server Configuration

Post by nazimshah » 28 Jul 2010, 13:21

I'm still very new to SG appliance. Following the documentation, I've already configure IP Pool and Gateway. Can the box become DNS forwarder for DHCP client?
Example client:
Client IP :
Subnet :
Gateway :
DNS : (can SG be use for this? Else I need to setup another DNS server to serve the DNS purpose)

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Re: DHCP Server Configuration

Post by danilovav » 29 Jul 2010, 04:56

You can forward DNS packets to upper server. Make rules
SAT lan/lannet core/lan_ip dns-all (SAT: new destination = your_dns_server)
NAT lan/lannet core/lan_ip dns-all
If you want to use more than one server, use SAT SLB + SLB monitoring.
BR, Alexandr Danilov

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