How to route this? (Two internal LAN's)

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How to route this? (Two internal LAN's)

Post by TeroS » 25 Aug 2008, 04:50

How am I supposed to do this in SG w. 8.90 SW:

I have two networks: Internal LAN1 ( in LAN-interface) and Internal LAN2 ( in Aux-interface)

I'd like to be able to use on of the LAN2:s internal IP's from LAN1, I just can't get into my head how it would be possible?

If LAN1 gets access to LAN2, that's ok, but LAN2 shouldn't get access to LAN1.


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Re: How to route this? (Two internal LAN's)

Post by Roger » 26 Aug 2008, 08:59

I dont understand what you are trying to achieve. If you mean that you want some IP addresses from LAN1 on the LAN2, then it should be possible to create a switchroute for that route instead of routing it on LAN1.

So instead of a LAN route like this:
Route LAN Lan1
Do like this.
Switchroute LAN Lan1
Switchroute AUX Lan1

Another way would be breaking out the IP addresses from LAN1 that you want to be on the Lan2 and use Proxy ARP on that, but that would take a little more effort. Tell me if you want that instead.


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