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Posted: 19 Mar 2020, 14:59
by osg

My users are using Microsoft L2TP/IPsec vpn to connect to the office (Clavister E80). The users can surf the internet through the tunnel and getting speeds of about 90+Mbit/s
Some users are sometimes getting connection problems. I think it is due to the Microsoft VPN. So i created a SSL vpn to use with the OneConnect klient. With the SSL VPN i ony get about 10Mbit/s. Is this normal?

PS. I do not use any Traffic Management


Re: SSL VPN Speed

Posted: 08 Apr 2020, 12:47
by Peter

Unfortunately yes, this is an expected behavior. Our current SSL-VPN implementation is running over TCP which means you risk running into a problem when you run TCP in TCP. And if the user is behind a shaky connection e.g. a 3G connection, Wi-fi etc. the problem with will be amplifie and makes the performance even worse. Also performance wise in general, running it over TCP is not very efficient.

Please note that i say "current". We are currently in the process of implementing a new protocol for the SSL-VPN client that runs over UDP instead but unfortunately it's several months away (no exact ETA at this time but most likely sometime Q3 2020). But on the bright side, it is being worked on so in the long term the SSL client will be a lot better / more efficient / better performance in the future.

In the meantime, this forum discussion about client recommendations is still valid.


When the new protocol is implemented for SSL-VPN, the recommendation order will most likely change to place SSL-VPN just below IKEv2.

Best regards

Re: SSL VPN Speed

Posted: 04 May 2020, 16:02
by osg
Hi Peter,

Thanks for your reply. Then I know that it is nothing wrong with my configuration.

Thanks for the forum link. Will check out how to setup IKEv2 as I am running IKEv1.