Application Control and CPU

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Application Control and CPU

Post by eman » 11 Feb 2020, 13:14

I'd like to know if the usage of Application Control policy may significantly overcharge the CPU.
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Re: Application Control and CPU

Post by Peter » 05 Mar 2020, 10:54


It is a difficult question to give a direct answer to as it depends how you use it and on what traffic. If you use for instance Application Control (AC) on your DNS IP policy only, the performance impact would probably not be noticeable. But if you use AC on all your traffic and you are sending gigabit data with very high PPS (packets-per-second) you would definitely notice a performance impact as the Firewall needs to use quite a bit of resources to inspect the data traffic.

An idea would be that you start on a small scale and activate AC on a select few of your rules/policy's to see the performance impact. That way you can get a generic impression of what the performance impact will be as you increase it without risking any traffic interruptions.

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