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VLAN problem

Post by daniel77 » 26 May 2019, 11:38

Hi all,
I use a SG (software edition 8.9) with 10 interfaces.
8 interfaces are connected to a full cisco network with 802.1q trunk links.
I use switched routes (trasparent mode).
On each phisical interface of the firewall I have a trunk link that carry 20 vlans.
The 20 vlans are always the same on each interfaces.
If I have a computer with (i.e) ip address and tagged vlan 10 on the swith l2 port, and on the vlan 20 I connect another PC with ip address, I have a problem with ip duplication address.
The two PC are on different VLAN but same IP address.
The SG doesn't separate correctly the two vlans.

Some ideas ?

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Re: VLAN problem

Post by Peter » 03 Jun 2019, 13:45


Version 8.90.xx is a very old version. I'm fairly sure there have been lots of updates/changes related to transparent mode since that version and the current version (12.00.xx).

The only recommendation i can give you at this time is to look at the administrator guide (e.g. the 12.00.18 version) and look for the section called "Transparent Mode with VLANs".

Configuration wise it "should" still be the same, but as i said... lots of things have happened since version 8.90 as it's 8+ years old.

Best regards

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