outlook not working

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outlook not working

Post by wahiba » 21 May 2019, 14:08

hello everybody
i hope you can help me to solve this issue
i installed a SG clavister E80 in the office and sence then i got outlook not working, i created a policy to allow smtp and pop3 but the problem is snot resolved any suggestions please?

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Re: outlook not working

Post by Peter » 19 Jun 2019, 08:25


A few tips on how to approach a potential rule/routing problem:

1. What does the log say in the Firewall about the traffic? Is it blocked or is it allowed by a rule?
1.1. If the traffic is blocked by e.g. "Default_Drop_Rule" it means that you do not have an IP policy that allows the traffic.
1.2. If the traffic is allowed, examine which rule it is that is triggering. Maybe you need to activate NAT or that you have enabled an ALG/Protocol that is scanning POP3/SMTP and it is not correctly configured? E.g. that AllowTLS is not enabled and your client is using TLS/encryption.
2. For testing purposes, you could use a service that is basically unrestricted. By using the "all_services" or maybe "all_tcp" or other you allow pretty much all protocols or ports. Then you can verify if the problem is related to the service or not and you can narrow down the problem.

Best regards

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