IPv6 Prefix delegation ?

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IPv6 Prefix delegation ?

Post by Tigger » 06 Dec 2018, 21:18


First of all - I'm new to the world of Clavister so bear with me :)

I'm currently having an E80 setup as my gateway to the world, on Ipv4 + NAT this is basically "Works out of the box" - However, my ISP is nice enough to do IPv6 prefix delegation.

I've tried searching high and low for this, But my google-fu seems out of order, and searching for Ipv6 on these forums yields very little.

My question : Is this possible on the E80, if so - How? if not, is this something that is in a roadmap for IPv6?

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Re: IPv6 Prefix delegation ?

Post by Peter » 12 Dec 2018, 12:37


We do not support Prefix delegation in cOS Core or Stream at this time. There exist an RFE (request for enhancement) about it but at the moment it is not in the roadmap. The developer ID is COP-16993. I have added your comments to it.

The alternative is that you either just use the /64 you got from your ISP then split it up towards hosts on the inside using DHCPv6 (the drawback with this is that you cannot use SLAAC as it requires /64), or request a larger network from the ISP that does not use Prefix Delegation to hand it out.

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Re: IPv6 Prefix delegation ?

Post by anders s » 02 Jan 2019, 11:36

The biggest problem is that Android does not support DHCPv6 (for stupid reasons) so you need a /64 network for your WLAN to support android devices.

It might be possible to route the /64 towards the android network (with proxy ND towards isp) and still route smaller subnets from the same /64 towards other interfaces with DHCPv6, making sure bit 71 of the network address is 0 should prevent overlap with SLAAC, I haven't played around with that yet.


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