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VPN PPTP with problems

Posted: 26 Jul 2018, 12:15
by TIEmporda

I'm using Clavister NGF-E20 Standard. I set a PPTP Server which was working fine but the ISP changed the router because the business upgraded the services they were offering. Anyway, before they change de router my VPN PPTP was working fine and now, I can't connect. The firewall always show me the same messages in the log screen (attached file).

Any idea about what is going on? The ISP's technician told me that has allowed the GRE protocol and the 1723 TCP port is openned on the router.


Re: VPN PPTP with problems

Posted: 26 Jul 2018, 17:49
by fras
Hello "TIEmporda"

Its hard to say whats going on in the firewall without taking a look at the logs and the configuration you have done. It sounds however that the ISP have changed some settings on their side.

Since your configuration and the PPTP-connection does not work as expected, i would suggest that you either call us on +46 (0)660 29 77 55 or create a Support ticket for this issue. In that way its easier for us to look at the configuration and share data in a secure way.

Best Regards,
Fredrik Å
Clavister Support.