Doubt about throughtput

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Doubt about throughtput

Post by TIEmporda » 01 Mar 2018, 12:20


I don't have one thing clear about the throughput... In my case, it says that its value is 2000. Have some qüestions...

1.- I assume the this value is Mbps right?
2.- If it says its 2000Mbps I'm expecting that a physical interface can send data up to the value it shows. Or maybe, that is the value transfer rate that all physical interfaces can send data if all they are working at its maximum performance.

The last point is the most I'm interested on understant it clearly.

Thanks in Advanced.

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Re: Doubt about throughtput

Post by Peter » 02 Mar 2018, 14:25


1. Yes, it is Mbit.
2. The throughput value is how many Mbit the system can/will process as maximum. This means that any data passing the Firewall will be matched against this license parameter. You could say it's "data throughput passing the Firewall Core"

This means that if you download a file from a server (at maximum interface capacity) behind the DMZ interface from a client located behind the LAN interface and the LAN & DMZ interface is 1 GB interface, you will use 1000 Mbit of the 2000 Mbit license limit.

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