Application control and http connections

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Application control and http connections

Post by cjimenez » 25 Mar 2021, 16:30

Hi there,

I'd like to block the outgoing http/https connections to any site except, let's say,

I've created an IP Policy rule using the following application control rule:

Default Action: Deny
Application: http, https, http2
Content Control:
server: Allow selected:

As far as I understand, it must allow browsing and nothing else. Nonetheless, everything is blocked.

Could anyone give me some tips about this?, I haven't found any help at the docs.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Application control and http connections

Post by Peter » 20 Oct 2022, 10:44


Two potential solutions to this that i can think of straight away.

1. Use whitelist/blacklist function in a Web Profile.
2. Use FQDN or wildcard FQDN rules to only allow traffic to specific domain(s).

See the admin guide for more information about these functions.

Note: If you need further help with this i recommend creating a support ticket about it as we do not watch the forums actively and this system will be retired in the future once we have moved the majority of the FAQ and how-to articles to the new KB space (

Best regards

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