Application Rule Set not working

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Application Rule Set not working

Post by ENB » 22 Jun 2022, 00:47

What is the correct procedure to prohibit surfing the internet with (for example) the tor browser?
I have created an application rule set as described in all the documentation:
- application rule set with the default action "allow".
- application rule with default action "deny" and application filters "Tor" and "Tor2web"
- applied to an IP policy with service "https" and activated application control with my defined application rule set

In the application control log i can see that my application rule set detects a program but decides that it is allowed to run. the program is not detected as a "tor browser" but as "ssl" - as i can detect it.

what am i missing? I have never managed to ban a program from accessing the internet with "application rule sets".

Do I need to set something else in another place?
Deployed on different NetWalls with COS

Hope someone can help me.


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