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by Tomas
01 Sep 2010, 08:02
Forum: Announcements
Topic: New Web based Support System
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New Web based Support System

Information: As of today, Clavister Support is handled in a new web based support system. We have recently changed our support system and all new support cases are now handled via Clavister’s web site. Already open cases will continue to be handled in the old system until they are closed or merged i...
by Tomas
11 Aug 2009, 10:51
Forum: InControl FAQ's
Topic: Centralized Management license
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Centralized Management license

In order to use Incontrol to manage a CorePlus installation, you have a few options when it comes to the license: License options 1. The license of CorePlus contains the line "Centralized Management Allowed: <expiration date>" - This is the most common way of licensing Incontrol and it allows this s...
by Tomas
18 Sep 2008, 09:30
Forum: SG Discussions
Topic: Custom Auth form and URL redirection
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Re: Custom Auth form and URL redirection

Hello, It seems that there is a problem with the Sample Files in the FineTune distribution. I got the redirection to work with the built in files (I entered the boot menu > Advanced > CLI and deleted the two .tar files) but not with the Sample Files. The bug (for the FineTune files) has id COP-5500....