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by Kenny
19 Oct 2010, 18:04
Forum: SG Discussions
Topic: IPv6 Support?
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Re: IPv6 Support?

Sorry for bringing up an old thread again, but I wonder if you can provide any news in this matter?
Is the plan still to include IPV6 in next gen? In what timeframe can we expect this new generation of Coreplus?
by Kenny
04 Dec 2008, 15:59
Forum: SG Discussions
Topic: Coreplus 9 and centralized management
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Re: Coreplus 9 and centralized management

I tried to sign up for beta testing aswell, but I got the same error message as Gangaraju.
Could you please send me the application form? I'm primarely interrested in the beta of InControl, but betas of CorePlus would also be of interrest.



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