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by serferHar
24 Sep 2018, 09:45
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Topic: Where is Administration ??
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So off the cuff Im now wondering if this could work using some kind of joining of the tables on topic_id??
by serferHar
23 Sep 2018, 14:56
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Topic: Proxy https
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Proxy https

For what purpose? if you encapsulate https proxy within VPN tunnel, it will be easily registered by L7 and thus will be blocked.
by serferHar
22 Sep 2018, 10:47
Forum: InControl Discussions
Topic: iLA fail to log NATted firewall IP
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iLA fail to log NATted firewall IP

Considering that for about the same price as a software firewall, you could get basically ANY router, which generally has a firewall, or the capabilities to do so, wouldnt it be easier to just get hardware?