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by lfurlanetto
22 Oct 2018, 17:01
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Topic: PPP on interface group
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PPP on interface group

Hi. In large network services PPP is used to authenticate users into network, sometime in Endpoint, sometime in central point. Telecom operators carry now multiple lines to customers, carring data and voice/video. I see possibility to surclass competitors using a port group of multiple Ethernet tran...
by lfurlanetto
22 Oct 2018, 16:56
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Topic: BFD
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we implement OSPF in network, where exist Cisco/Juniper devices.
I ask to implement BFD (Bidirectional forwarding protocol) for quick rerouting packets.
I know this is larged used in Telecom Networks
by lfurlanetto
31 Aug 2009, 09:55
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Topic: Transparent mode
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Re: Transparent mode


I've the same situation, but in Vmware enviroment.

The Internal net is a "vlan" of the vmhost in "untagged" configuration on switch.

The same vmhost have other virtual machine working fine.

The traffic NOT been forwarded left-right.